The team at Volanti Imaging are fully equipped to create beautifully produced work that we can tailor to our clients specifications.

Our in house video production facilities enable us to take the footage that we have shot using both our aerial drone equipment and our ground based cameras and create a fully produced video with titles and sound.

Catering for those in marketing, promotion and beyond let the team at Volanti Imaging take your idea to the next level and create a production rich video that will engage the viewer and promote your product or service.

Our state of the art equipment gives us the capability to shoot both in the air and on the ground with studio quality sound from our RODE microphones and breathtaking visuals from our 4K Zenmuse X5 and DJI Mavic cameras.

All our work is fully edited and produced in house on our video production spec computers and given to our clients both digitally and on our Volanti Imaging branded USB drives.

We pride ourselves in giving our clients the best production experience possible, from the initial idea to the finished product, we fly, you see…


Pogo Pulse Promotional

We were contacted on a recommendation from a previous client to work with the team at Pogo Pulse to create a promotional video for their new fitness programme.

This shoot was focused on promoting Pogo Pulse to schools in the UK, USA and Australia

We were given complete freedom in how the video was edited, and pride ourselves in a great working relationship with the crew at Pogo Pulse

Forestry Commission

After being contacted by a very well known local photographer regarding a short promotional film to accompany his photography we set about planning our shoot for the forestry commission.

David Jenner of David Jenner Photography had been asked to locate a local production company to fulfil the brief that had been assigned and we were lucky enough to obtain the business.

Taking one day to shoot, from multiple locations within the forest we got to utalise both ground and air equipment to maximise the look of the final edit.

Jeans Supercar Session Promotional Video

We were given a brief to create a promotional video for Jeans Kitchen & Winebar`s first annual Supercar Session.

Using both our aerial and ground production equipment we were able to capture the essence of the day from all aspects.

From the chase shots and smooth scrolling car shots to an interview with the event organiser, we were able to package it all together with sound and titles to give a professional, marketable asset.