The use of drones in the inspection industry is a rapidly growing market, with more surveyors taking on this new technology to obtain their data the team at Volanti Imaging are fully equipped to provide the results in a safe and timely manor.

Using our drones to provide aerial imagery gives us the ability to cut down the time that it takes to get the survey data back to the client and eliminates the costly exercise of erecting scaffolding.

With the ability to get close to the affected area with our drones we can photograph areas otherwise inaccessible. From chimney stacks and guttering to slipped tiles and weather damage, the possibilities are almost limitless.

By using our state of the art equipment and mission planning software we are able to minimise the risk of working at height and provide the results in a short period of time, giving insurance companies and risk assessors a vital tool in a fast moving environment.

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Drone mapping is not a new concept but with the advancement in drone technology and integration with third party software, like Hammer Missions, it now opens up the market, simplifying the process without losing the quality.

Our drones are capable of mapping vast areas and translating that data to a fully rendered map giving you easy access to a top down view of your project, whatever the specification we can tailor to your needs. The resulting map will be highly detailed enabling you to zoom in to specific areas for closer inspection.

In addition to the top down view we are also able to render in 3D, giving you the ability to move around your mapped area. Using aerial photography from various angles, including ground based geo tagged photography we can give you a lifelike 3D representation of your project.

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