The team at Volanti Imaging are available for aerial drone filming for television and film across the production industry.

Equipped with some of the latest drone technology and with access to some leading camera operators we can produce beautiful cinematic shots with ease to compliment your project.

Having previously worked with both large and smaller production companies we are happy to discuss your project in detail and work alongside the production team to make sure the aerial shots you need are catered for.

Some of our previous production clients include SKY, BBC, Savage TV, Metro and ITN Productions.

Our camera team not only have a wealth of knowledge behind the camera but they are also fully qualified drone operators.

Volanti Imaging are dedicated to getting your productions aerial work green lit whatever the circumstance, this is why our drone filming and production team are some of the best in the industry.

To discuss your production further and find out how Volanti Imaging could help you obtain the aerial drone filming for television and film that you require, please do not hesitate to contact us via the home page, we look forward to working with you.

We Fly, You See

TV and Film Credits

A selection of our TV and Film Credits, for a full production CV please contact


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