So what have we been doing…..its all about the updates!

We are in the process of updating our website adding new content and new pages to give our clients a better insight into what we have to offer.

So far we have created pages for Television & Film, Production and The Equipment. We have also made a few minor changes to the home page to give it a fresher feel and add links to those pages we have created.

Over the next few weeks we will be updating our Site Surveying and Estate Agents pages, giving them new titles and new content that we feel is relevant to the ever changing UAV market.

Having an up to date website is essential for an upcoming business, letting our audience know how we approach each job, what we have to offer and what equipment we use. We are very proud of what we have currently but there are always improvements to be made and we will continue to update and adapt our site as our business changes.

So what will the future bring for Volanti Imaging, well, we are currently working on our brand new showreel which we are very proud of and continuing to tweak and update our site to bring you fresh content. We have new equipment and new technology which we will be unveiling on our site soon and have started working with a very experienced camera operator who will be added to our team page when it goes live. We have also taken on a sales team member and will be introducing him shortly, a very keen film maker, musician and all round nice guy!

We have a lot lined up in the coming months and some very exciting projects being talked about not to mention being signed to a very well respected agency (but that’s for a future post)

We Fly, You See…