As the title suggests, its been a while! That’s ‘been a while’ since we posted, not ‘been a while’ since we worked because we have been rushed off our feet over the summer!

Drone filming and photography has taken off, scuse the pun, in a huge way and we have made a lot of connections, new friends and new clients. Not only have we been commissioned to film in the air, we have also been doing quite a lot of ground based production too. We now have a dedicated Video Production page on our site which tells you a bit about our in house video production services.

Some of the productions we have worked on over the summer include shooting aerials for a future ITV documentary in the Midlands. Filming speedboats and iconic locations on the Isle of Wight, including the world famous Needles and a fun packed day filming for Crazy Jeans Soapbox race in Tunbridge Wells.

That is just the tip of the iceberg…….from music videos to surveys and 3D renders, its been a busy few months and we have plenty more bookings to fulfil. Exciting times ahead for team Volanti!

As we head into our third year of operations I would like to thank everyone who has helped us along our journey, you people know who you are and we are forever grateful!

Until our next post, and no we wont leave it so long next time, thanks for all your support!