Our professional level DJI Matrice 600 has the power to shoot movie grade visuals by carrying some of the worlds most recognised high level cinema cameras.

The Matrice 600, also known as an M600, is a robust heavy lift hexacopter with a substantial flight time for its class.

With the added ability of carrying the DJI Ronin MX gimbal we can lift a host of cameras from RED`s to ARRI`s for true cinematic performance.

Our three man specialist team will ensure that the shots you require are executed professionally and to your productions exact specification.

The DJI M600 is aerial filming at its finest!

Equipment Aerial Drone Inspire Pro


The DJI Inspire Pro is seen by many production companies as the industry standard.

Our Inspire carries the DJI Zenmuse x5 camera capable of filming in 4k at up to 30fps and taking stunning 16MP RAW photography. The Zenmuse X5 is whats known as a mico four thirds camera, powerful enough to shoot amazing 4K video yet small enough to fit underneath our Inpire Pro. Using this camera enables us to adapt to a series of scenarios, giving us the the ability to change lenses to suit the clients requirements for their shoot.

This light weight setup gives us flight times of around twenty minutes with quick battery changes to keep us in the air for longer.

The beauty of the Inspire is that we have the option for dual operation where we have a separate camera operator and pilot, this way our camera op can concentrate on the perfect aerial filming shot for your project.

Equipment Aerial Drone Inspire Pro


One of the latest aerial platforms to be introduced by DJI the Mavic is proving its worth when looking for that shot where size matters.

This tiny rig folds away to the size of a water bottle and is easily transportable to those locations where the DJI Inspire Pro may be deemed as too large.

Although its a small and compact unit the DJI Mavic has some amazing capabilities. An array of sensors on both the front and underside keep it in the air in even the tightest of situations with the added capability of obstacle avoidance making ideal for indoor flying.

The Mavic`s camera produces some beautiful photography and video from such a small sensor with the ability to shoot in 4K at up to 30fps and photography at 12.5 Megapixels.

The DJI Mavic is a pleasure to fly, whether that be outside or inside it never fails to impress!

Equipment Aerial Drone Mavic Pro


The Panasonic G7 is our go to camera for ground based production, with its vibrant colours and beautiful 4K filming coupled with its size and portability its our kit bag favourite.

When you combine the G7 with one of the very popular gimbals or stabilisers it makes for an ideal light weight shooting solution.

With the addition of our RODE mic and a host of accessories we can cater for your shoot no matter how complex.

For further information about our ground based filming please see our Production page.

Equipment Ground Filming Osmo Pro