A blog post, within a blog post…….

Usually we wouldn’t write a post like this but we would like to take the opportunity to thank the amazing team at Chatty Hatter for their fantastic blog post all about us here at Volanti Imaging.

Chatty Hatter is a unique Marketing and Media Agency based in Tunbridge Wells who have been involved in helping us build relationships with our clients and getting us seen in press articles all over the south east of England.

In addition to local press we had an article written by Chatty Hatter featured in an edition of Drone User Magazine

So when we were contacted by Nicole, Chatty Hatter`s fearless leader as quoted on their site, about a featured blog post, of course, we jumped at the chance!

So, here it is, in full:

What would you consider a fun job? Perhaps an aeroplane pilot – flying amongst the clouds in a big metal bird, travelling all over the world? Or maybe a photographer; capturing moments of sheer beauty and unforgettable experiences? Both pretty cool options, right?
Well what could be even cooler than both of those dream jobs? Well – both!
With amazing new drone technology – combining aerial flight with professional photography – a new and frankly awesome market has opened up in recent years. Remote controlled drones providing unparalleled aerial images – both static and moving – has paved the way for unprecedented opportunities for companies like our very own Volanti Imaging.
Husband and wife team, Alex and Caroline Ball’s idea for a new business venture came out of the blue, as Alex explains: “the idea for a drone business came to us on one of the rare nights out as parents with young kids.” This intoxicated epiphany prompted the way for the lucrative business they head up today.

After just two months of Alex and Caroline developing their knowledge and understanding of drone flying they decided is was time to go pro and soon started providing services for estate agents, site surveying, marketing & promotions as well as TV film and editing.
With top-of-the range drone equipment like the DJI inspire (above) which carries the DI Zenmuse x3 camera capable of 4K filming and 12 MP photography with a flight time of about 20 minutes they were armed to the teeth and ready to go. Sounds pretty impressive right?
Almost as impressive as their portfolio of clients, ranging from gaming giants, to building contraction companies, estate agents and overseas property development partners… two years in it’s now safe to say Volanti are a well and truly established drone company.
“Its a very exciting and quickly developing business to be involved in and for us its a family affair thats really taken off in a way we could never have imagined,” explains Alex.
As someone who has recently worked and talked with Alex about Volanti, it has been incredibly interesting – having an insight into the work they do, no project’s too small or too big, capturing moments otherwise impossible without their professional equipment and having a very positive approach to the task in hand. Volanti worked closely with Jeans Kitchen and Wine Bar on St John’s Road at their recent Supercar Sessions last and caught some mesmerising footage which they are currently working on and editing, so please watch out for that;

Check out Chatty Hatter at their website:


or drop them an email at hello@chattyhatter.com